It's been almost a month since I released a premium version of PulseLite — the open source PHP AJAX Voting component. It has got plenty of features. The documentation lets you integrate this component with your existing web-site. If you are building a web-application (or has an existing one), PulsePro is the perfect choice to let your users interact with your application. What makes PulsePro stand out from other vote-components is its ability to let users cancel votes — just like Reddit, YouTube, Facebook Like, Google +1, StackOverflow among many other popular web-applications.
Here are some of the features PulsePro comes with:
  • Easy to install.
  • Secure and XSS-proof.
  • Five different styles to match your web-application.
  • Prevents multiple voting.
  • Cross-browser compliant.
  • Comes with an Admin Panel that lists top voted items and more.
  • Ban IP addresses.
  • Enable/Disable voting on certain items.
If you have a web-site or web-application, you may want to let your readers/users vote on items. Not only that, you may want to check how your posts/items are performing, which are the most popular ones, which are the least. The admin area that comes with this component is perfect for this purpose. If some items are performing bad, you know where to improve. In short, PulsePro lets you check the pulse of your application!

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