Building on top of the AJAX Contact Form and modifying one of Wufoo's elegant forms available at the gallery, I made a more secure, easy-to-install AJAX Contact Form with more features. It's available for download and takes just a couple of minutes to configure and get it running. Perfect for your website — whether personal or professional.


  • AJAX Form Validation
  • XSS-proof
  • Super easy to install. Just edit a configuration file and upload.
  • Open Source. Fully customisable.
  • HTML5 Features
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • No database required. PHP 5.2+


Download the zip file and unpack. Edit the config.php file. You'd need API keys from reCAPTCHA. Under My Sites, create a new site and check the field that says Enable this key on all domains (global key). Note the public and private keys. Edit the PRIV_KEY and PUB_KEY values in config.php. Also, edit the email-address and subject line. Upload the files to your server and it's ready! (Also, replace images/cflogo.png with your logo.)

Mail Format

When someone fills in the contact form and sends message using this form, you'd receive a mail with the following information:
  • Sender's Name
  • Sender's Email
  • The body of the message
  • IP Address of the sender
  • Time and Date when the message was sent


If you do not recieve mails, it's probably the server settings. Ask your server administrator.


If you need any customization, you can mail me for a quote.

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