The worst part about installing a new operating system on a hard-drive is installing the required applications once the OS is installed and functional. Not only you have to download each of the application executables, you would have to click through the installation procedure. If you’re configuring a shared computer, the task is even bigger, since more applications need to be installed to cater to every-one's requirement.

However, you can take a shortcut — by using Ninite. It’s a cross-platform application that installs several popular applications in one go. You don’t have to click through the installation wizard and un-check useless components of an application — Ninite does it for you.
You can visit the Ninite website and choose which applications you want to install in your system. Once the choice is made, hit the “Get Installer” button and Ninite will send you a tiny installer (~250KiB). If you run the installer, all the applications you previously chose, will be installed one by one. All you can do is sit back and enjoy (or walk away).

The available applications are some of the best free and open source applications, including Firefox, Chrome, Audacity, VLC, OpenOffice among many others.

Ninite always installs the latest version of the application, no matter when you downloaded the original Ninite-installer. Among one of its many features, Ninite never installs Ad-ware on your machine.

Even if the applications are already installed in your machine, you can simply run the Ninite-installer to update all the applications. So, you can use it as a mass-updater, too.

It detects the PC’s language and fetches the installation files in the same language. So you don’t have to worry about choosing the right language for the applications.

There is also a premium version of Ninite that lets you choose applications right inside the Ninite-installer. It also gives access to some nifty command-line features, otherwise unavailable on the free version.

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