So, you have a lot to do everyday. You start your day by making a list of things you have to do on that day. All through the day, your mind comes across many ideas (or tasks) which need to be done. But you manage to forget them because of distractions and for other reasons. What if you can keep track of your ideas and get things done? While Evernote is a great way to take notes and to-do’s lists, here is a simpler way.

GTD Stack is an instant message bot that keeps track of your ideas and to-do’s. All you have to do is to add to your GTalk Friendlist and you’re done. It’s surprisingly simple and minimal. Just ask the bot “How to add a task?” and you get help right there. Here are some of the most used commands:
  • p <project name> adds a new project (if project not created ) / switches to project (if project is already created)
  • a <task> adds a task to the current project.
  • l lists all the tasks from the current project
  • L lists all the tasks across all projects.
  • g <task#> switches to as the current task
  • d marks the current task as done (and deletes the task)
Note that the commands are case-sensitive.

The bot is created by the brilliantly talented Harshad Sharma. It’s created on Google’s AppEngine platform. The source-code is available on BitBucket. In an email, he pointed out the following, regarding case-sensitivity of the commands:
Case sensitivity is used for a very practical purpose, though I understand it may be a little painful for newbies, I'll urge them to adapt to it... This app has a very low learning curve for basic use, and it gradually gets steep as you want more and more form the app — I think its fair. A flat learning curve is achievable, but the interface becomes less usable once you've reached a power user status - the case with most GTD apps.
He’s also working on email-to-add tasks. For the moment if you enter the command email, the bot sends an email to your chat ID with all the tasks.
You can follow @gtdstack on Twitter for updates.

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