LastFM is the Facebook of music. You can discover and listen to new music, find “real” people who listen to the same kind of music as you do. You can even “scrobble” songs (much like a Tweet, except that you update with the song you’re listening to).

What if you can download the MP3s that you’re playing there? Although, LastFM does offer free songs from time to time, you can’t download songs from radios, play-lists and recommended play-list. Here are three of the best applications that let you download songs right from LastFM’s server.


TheLastRipper records songs from LastFM’s radios and brings them to your hard-drive. It also adds tags and downloads album arts for each song. The MP3 files are organised in the following fashion: Artist > Album > “SongNumber - track name” (you can customize this pattern too). This means that songs are organized in a deep folder structure. You can even tune into a LastFM radio simply by entering the URL.

LastFM Downloader

This tiny little application doesn’t need any installation. Just fire it up and start downloading. Last FM Downloader only supports tuning in via URL. You can restrict the number of songs you want to download. Downloaded songs are organised in deep folder structure. Since you can only download after you tune in through URL, you might have to play around with the structure of LastFM URLs. Not recommended for average computer users.


LastSharp is probably the best downloader. It downloads a play-list of 30 tracks. You can select which of these songs you want to download, unlike LastRipper and LFDownloader which continue to download. It lets you choose which of the artists’ songs you want to download, leaving aside the others. The songs are organised in deep folder layout which can be customised. It also includes a built-in audio player to play downloaded songs. One of the interesting features is that it doesn’t download songs that are already downloaded, even if the play-list repeats the songs or a different play-list has the same songs.

Here’s comparison of the features.
Disclaimer: This blog and its author(s) do not condone software piracy. The above post is for information only and should not be taken as a promotion of copyright infringement.

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