You must have come across many online avatars that resemble the person, but with a twist — it’s a cartoon and not the original photo of the person. It looks cool and — even more — it lets you stay anonymous while showing the world the same features that you have in reality. Here’s how you can create your own cartoon avatars for free.

Enter It’s a simple web-application that lets you create your cartoon avatars for free. You can choose from a variety of features — face, nose, mouth, hair, beard, glasses, even tattoos and piercing!
Once you’re done creating the avatar, you have to enter your email in order to get the download link. You can even buy and print the image in high-resolution digital format for €1.50.

Tip: If you don’t want to share your email with web-applications that claims to share download links via email, you can use 10 Minute Mail. Once you enter this site, it gives you a unique email ID valid for only 10 minutes. It is accessible only by you. Mails are automatically loaded. So you don’t need to refresh the page. If you don’t receive the mail within 10 minutes, you can extend the time for another 10 minutes.

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