Evernote is probably the best and the most popular note-taking application on the web. Evernote recently reached 3 million users which is a great news for Evernote fanboys (and fangirls). But even after so much success, people still have misconceptions about the application. From security woes to limited functionalities, some people write it off for various reasons. This post is about some of those commonly held myths. Feel free to add your comments.

Misconception 1: Evernote is a note taking application. Very little possibilities. It's not for everyone.
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Possibilities with Evernote are enormous. Every once in a while Evernote publishes Tips on how to use Evernote more effectively. From using it for planning your house to store your gym's schedule, you can do a lot with Evernote. If you're still not conviced, consider reading the following two articles:

Misconception 2: You cannot share your notes with any one. Your notes are caged!
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Evernote lets you share entire 'notebooks'. Here are detailed instructions how to do so.

Misconception 3: Your notes and documents are not secure.
EverNote makes a back-up of your notes in at least 5 disks. So data-loss is virtually impossible. Still EverNote has a well chalked out privacy policy which ensures your notes are safe.

Misconception 4: For free users, EverNote provides 40 MB sync bandwidth every month. This is too little.
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Sync bandwidth is the amount of data you send to EverNote and not the actual amount of data your notes takes in their drives. With 40 MB sync bandwidth, you can make 20,000 typed notes, 270 web clips, 400 Camera Phone images. That's much more than you need. Still in case, you ran out of bandwidth, you can go premium for $5 a month ot $45 a year. Premium accounts get 500 MB sync bandwidth a month, along with other features.

Misconception 5: There's no Symbian client for Evernote.
There is one EverNote client for Symbian-based smart-phones, although not officially supported by Evernote. It works on all phones based on S60 5th Edition.


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