The minimum amount of money an iPad can cost you is $499. But if you don't bother about the high-end features iPad provides and you just want to browse the net, then forking out $499 is not a good idea. Well, you can get a touch tablet 'PC' for less than $50. India's HRD ministry has unveiled a prototype.
HRD Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal has unveiled a prototype of a touch tablet that costs only $35 and can be used to browse webpages, word processing, and even video conferencing. The technicalities of the device are unknown but it doesn't use hard-disk. Instead it uses memory cards — much like mobile phones. It runs on a battery but it is solar power option too.
The price will be even lower for students for whom the Government is ready to subsidise even more. The cost of this tablet for a student will be around $20.
The reponse from the private sector has been lukewarm since the profitability of the device is being questioned.
[Via BBC South-Asia]

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