Digg has launched an invite-only preview of its newest user-interface designs that it will be launching for the public later this year. Apart from little changes here and there, these are some of the striking new features that would surely make it more social and usable.
1. Twitter style links: Profiles of each user will be accessbile through Twitter style URLs. i.e. digg.com/username
2. You can follow users. Just like Twitter. Once you sign in, you would be presented with a list of popular profiles on Digg whom you might like to follow. Updates from those you follow is available on the My News page. That's the same page as Twitter timeline.
3. Connect Social Networks: Joining the likes of most social networks, Digg will offer you to connect to Facebook, Twitter and Google to add new people whom you already know.
Once connected, you can see a list of people from the same network. You can follow them right from that page. It's that simple!
4. Simplified link submission: In just a couple of clicks, you can submit links to Digg. You can submit links right from the My News page. Just after you enter the URL, the title and the embedded images are loaded on the fly. All you have to do is to enter a description and hit the button. No more horrible captchas. It's simpler than ever before.
You can even comment on the newly submitted URL right from there!
5. Auto-submit content: Now, you can auto-submit content to Digg from any feed item. You don't have to visit Digg to submit a link everytime you make a new post. Just add the feed to Digg and everytime you post, it will auto-publish the content.
6. Twitter-style Load more widget: You can stay on the same page and keep borwsing through Digg's interesting links. All you have to do is to click on the Load More link once you're done reading everything on that page. With this, Digg has done away with pagination which is irritating for some users.

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