Skype is an award-winning IM platform that is hugely popular for making calls to other Skype users and phones across the world. A lot of the companies regularly buy Skype Credits to make calls to their clients. And it's much cheaper to make calls from Skype than from usual phones since it uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). If you use it for the purpose of making calls, you may want to record calls that you made just to keep track them. iFreeRecorder is an application that does the job and that, too, with many options to choose from. iFreeRecorder uses Skype API to record calls.
Once you intall iFreeRecorder (Skype must be installed first, of course), you'd have to give access to use Skype's API.
Once you allow access to Skype's API, you're ready to go.
iFreeRecorder comes with a bunch of options — from MP3 quality selection to auto-record calls.
It also offers a history option that keeps track of all your recorded calls. You can also record conference calls!
iFreeRecorder is an innovative and very useful tool. It comes as a freeware but if you find it useful, do consider donating.

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