Google is testing a new service called FollowFinder to find similar users on Twitter. The product is currently in beta — you can try it in Google Labs. After the launch of real-time search results, this is probably Google's first experiment with Twitter. FollowFinder runs on Google's AppEngine platform. In their own words, 
"Follow Finder analyzes public social graph information (following and follower lists) on Twitter to find people you might want to follow."
FollowFinder gives you two lists of people — the first one is based on people you follow and the second one is based on the people who have same followers as you have. You don't have to log-in to Google or Twitter to use FollowFinder — just enter any Twitter username and find similar followers. You can also follow people right from FollowFinder — there's a button below every Twitter user. It feels more like Twitter than inside Google. Even Twitter’ Hovercards works inside FollowFinder.
Google's latest offerings have focused more on Twitter than Google Buzz. It is not clear whether these new product launches are an admission that Google Buzz is a failure.

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