If you are regular with Google Reader, you must have noticed it got favicons all over the feed-list a few months ago. Now, it seems that you can also use Google's technique to add favicons to your web-application. And this favicon is generated directly by Google. Just a little playing around with the URLs can give you the edge.

Here are some of the favicons generated by Google:

  • Techcrunch:
  • Digg:
  • Google:
  • Gmail:
  • Yahoo! Mail:
  • Blogger:
You can generate favicons of any domain by using the following bookmarklet. Just drag and drop it to your bookmarks bar and click to generate.

The favicons generated are all 16x16 in dimension. If no favicon is found on the domain Google returns a default icon. Remember the favicons are returned on a domain. So if you add "http://www." before the domain name, it won't work (i.e. it would return the default favion.)

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