A lot of web-developers shudder at the thought of embedding Flash on their sites. But Flash can be a good thing if it is used as less as possible and content is separated from Flash elements. If you are looking for image slider with nice 3D effects, CU3ER has got it!

CU3ER is a Flash-based solution to show off your featured content, recent posts, recent projects, or (for a professional layout) services and features a company offers. It is simple to use and well-documented. Even if you’ve never used Flash elements, the documentation will teach all you need to know.

Cu3er (pronounced as kju:bər) can be customised via XML files for settings and configuration of the slider images and transitions. Cu3er uses two directions for 3d transitions — horizontal and vertical. But it allows to create your own custom transitions.

Cu3er is free and can be used for both personal and commercial projects.


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