It has been a topic for debate among bloggers about whether Blogger or Wordpress is the better blogging platform. There’s no doubt Wordpress has the edge. But if you are a new blogger trying to make your mark in blogging, Blogger is the best option you have. Here are some reasons why you should choose Blogger and no one else!

Free & Easy Sign up

When you are starting off as a blogger, it is likely that you are not going to invest anything except your time and talent in blogging. Since Blogger is free, you can go with it

Custom Domain

If you're not happy with sub-domain, you can create your own custom domain and host the same blog through And it costs much less than hosting a Wordpress site — generally, domain registration fee for a year is less than $10. If you already own a Blogger blog and pondering over the idea of buying your own domain and hosting it with, you can check this article for more information.

HTML Control is free and lets you use custom domains. But you cannot edit the HTML and tweak its functionalities. Blogger does allow you to edit HTML (and CSS) of your blog. Because of this, you can use hundreds of Blogger templates available online.

Blogger Hacks

Blogger has many shortcomings when compared to Wordpress. But power bloggers and developers have made many tweaks to Blogger templates to have features that only Wordpress can boast of. My long-time favorite has been Hackosphere.

Better Integration with Google Products

Since Blogger is a product of Google (Google acquired it in 2003), Blogger's integration with other Google products is better. From FeedBurner to Google Analytics to Adsense, you name it. With new features coming in everyday, you don’t have to worry about integration.


Once you strike the right chord and your blog is successful, it's time to earn some money from it. And what's better than Google Adsense. You can show your Adsense ads in a Blogger blog. Unfortunately, doesn't let users show Adsense ads on their blogs.

No Bandwidth Limitation & 100% Uptime

Hosted on Google's server, Blogger blogs have 100% uptime guaranteed and there's no bandwidth limitations on the content you show. These days, you can't expect 100% uptime from any hosts & even Dreamhost and Rackspace goes offline.


Blogger provides some of the coolest features, like email blogging, feed redirection, openid integration, mobile blogging, multi-language support etc.


If you want to move from Blogger to Wordpress, you can export your blog easily. You can even have a backup of all your posts.

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