Finally, extensions arrive on stable version of Google Chrome. This means you don't have to enjoy extensions while using a unstable "crappy" beta of Chromium or Google Chrome. After Google launched the extensions gallery for Chrome, more and more extensions are being added everyday. Here are a non-exhaustive list of Twitter extensions on Google Chrome.

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Metrist — Twitter Client

Metrist is probably the best Twitter client I have come across. It provides a tabbed interface for timeline, replies, messages. What makes Metrist different from other Twitter clients is how it empowers you to customise features. You can specify the font-size, the number of API calls. It also offers a URL field for making API calls. For developers and geeks, it provides a console which logs all traffic made by Metrist.
Extension Page | Direct Install

TwitterWatch - Real Time Twitter Update

TwitterWatch is a cool extension to find out what people are talking about. Just type a few keywords you want to search and hit enter. Now, see the stream of updates. Pretty rad and useful. (I have been using this technique to find useful resources from Twitter. Whether you're a developer or a simple computer user, Twitter can be great for finding stuff you need.)
Extensions Page | Direct Install

Twitter Theme

Don't like the way Twitter looks? Install Twitter theme extension and get a new UI. Simple, easy and good looking.
Extension Page | Direct Install

P.S.: There's one more theme &mdash Pink.

Fast Twitter Search

It's much like TwitterWatch but takes you to Twitter instead of showing up a pop-up with search results. Worth giving it a try, if you don't hate going to Twitter everytime it shows search results.
Extension Page | Direct Install

Twitter share this page

Sharing a page you're reading is just a click away. Install this extension and there will be a small twitter icon on every page you open. Click on it and share on Twitter. It also shortens URLs if it's long enough.
Extension Page | Direct Install

Twitter Reactions

It's like Tweetmeme or Topsy but you don't have to visit another page to find out how many times a page has been tweeted. A small blue icon on the right gives you all you need!
Extension Page | Direct Install

Chromed Bird

The most popular twitter client for Google Chrome. It gets a new feature almost everyday. The latest version supports lists, creates short URLs on the fly, and many other updates. If you don't use it, you're missing out a lot!
Extension Page | Direct Install


Yet another Twitter client for Google Chrome. Offers a cool UI and all-in-the-box features. The UI is much like Google Wave. It supports a number of URL shorteners. Comes in 7 different languages!
Extension Page | Direct Install

If you want to share your favourites, the comments section is for you!

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