OpenGoo is an open-source online office solution. If you are looking for web-based application that can be a good alternative to Google Docs or hundreds of task management and project management apps, OpenGoo might be your answer. Built on the excellent ExtJs javascript application development platform, OpenGoo can be installed on any modern web-server running PHP and MySQL (with InnoDB support). Download the zip file, unpack it, upload to your server, and after a super-simple installation, you're up and running!

OpenGoo is a modular application which uses various modules such as 'Notes' (for taking notes), 'Contacts' (for managing contacts), Calendar and Tasks (for managing tasks and appointments), 'Web Links' (for bookmarks), 'Email' (for sending and receiving emails!) and a 'Time' module (for managing your time). The task module is very effective and feature-rich. Apart from adding and completing tasks, you can create 'milestones' which, in turn, may contain various tasks.  OpenGoo uses 'workspaces' to keep you focussed and clutter-free. You can create different workspaces for different projects, goals. Each workspace uses the same modules (you can turn off certain modules too).

OpenGoo is great for collaborative works. You can create users and assign tasks to them. Each documents show revisions which help you keep track of who edited what and when. You can even create clients and show them only certain amount of data (ideal for ongoing project status).
Not everything is great about OpenGoo. The current version of the application is 1.6 but it still lacks .doc, .pdf support. Spreadsheet module is also missing. The document editor is much like wordpad on Windows, nowhere close to Microsoft Word or Open Office Word Processor. If you are heavy Google Docs user, you might also miss the Drawing feature Google Docs provides. Although the OpenGoo wiki says that it supports themes, I found no fitting themes for OpenGoo. Since it's written on ExtJS, ExtJS themes should theoretcally work with OpenGoo. But, in fact, they looked horrible.

OpenGoo is ideal for schools, small companies, freelancers, group of people involved in certain projects. If Google Apps and Zoho pinch your pocket, go for OpenGoo. Also, it's much more secure since you're installing it on your server — not into the clutches of some web-firm that blunders with the security of your documents.

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