Facebook has become a great place to share photos. Apart from Flickr, Facebook is a "hot" place to share photos. Almost everyone in Facebook has a photo-album (besides, the default 'profile pictures' album, of course). Although Facebook has a Java-based multi-file uploader, it can be a pain to upload photos to Facebook at times. Fire up your favourite browser and go to Facebook and go to photos and...

How about a shortcut? How about a uploading them right from your dekstop without hassles? Well, Facebook LiveUpload is a plugin for Windows Live Photo Gallery that does the same. All you have to do is to install the plugin (of course, you need to install Windows Live Photo Gallery or Windows Live Movie Maker in order to use this plugin). Once installed, you are ready to use the plugin -- under Publish > More Services, you'd find "LiveUpload to Facebook" option.
You can create/choose Facebook photo albums through Facebook LiveUpload. What's more, if you have tagged people in photos through Windows Live Photo Gallery, your uploaded photos in Facebook will include those tags, too!

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