Ever since Google has announced that they would be sending 100000 invites for Google Wave, there has been a lot of buzz over the 'net — 'Google Wave' finds a pretty place in Twitter's trending topics for some time now. And now, some eBay users have started selling their Wave invites for anything between $0.99 and $89.

This is not the first time that web-application invites are being sold on eBay. Desitorrents, the leading Indian forum, stopped giving invites to its users when someone auctioned an invite.

I think web-applications should be designed in a way so that invites cannot be transferred, i.e. an invite can be used by a certain email address only. Again, Google Wave is a social application. This means Wave is completely useless if your friends and family (or colleagues) are not using it. It's pretty interesting to see people wasting money on a web-application invite, at a time of financial turmoil.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]

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