Yahoo! has recently launched Meme, "where you share everything you find that's interesting". Meme is, in simple English, a micro-blogging service with some more features that Twitter lacks, at least as of now. The service is in alpha stage. You can leave your email address at the homepage for an invite. Alternately, you can send me your email address (or leave a comment with your email) in case you don't want to wait.

The idea is simple: you follow other Meme users, repost their posts, share your own links, videos — much like Tumblr.
I got an invite yesterday. But just after clicking the link that came in the email, I found this page, and the page says it all why it's in alpha stage.
The interface is dead-simple. Once you login, a tabbed interface along with recommended users greets you. The tabbed interface may remind one of Facebook.
The settings provided by Meme are very basic. This might be because Meme is at a very basic stage.
Unlike Twitter which allows users to select the backgrounds of their profile-pages, Meme offers only 6 themes. Typical of Yahoo products. (Remember Yahoo 360?)

In short, Yahoo Meme is yet another microblogging service with few more things to offer. It's Twitter plus Tumblr plus a little bit of Facebook. A bookmarklet to share links would have been better. Also, a chat bot would find many takers. Maybe all these will come in a few days. Keep your fingers crossed.


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