Google's free photo-editing software, Picasa just got better — it can now recognize people's faces. The latest version (v3.5) lets you add name-tags to people's faces for easy grouping and searching. This version also integrates with Google Maps for geo-tagging.

Whenever a photo is collected via Picasa with 'unknown' (i.e. not yet tagged) faces, it creates an album — Unnamed Faces — to which you can add tags later on. You can even search for photos with two people in it (i.e. having two tags). For ease of use, name-tags offer auto-complete so that you can easily select the tags you have already created.

This version is a great step forward enabling desktop apps behave like human minds. It would be great if Picasa can integrate Facebook's facial recognition for the Picasa Facebook Uploader. That would be a lethal combo!
[Via Official Google Blog]

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