As a celebration of its 10th birthday, Blogger has introduced long-awaited jumpbreak feature — something native in Wordpress for a long time. Jumpbreak allows bloggers to let their readers to jump to 'item' pages for the full content of post. "Read More" and "Continue Reading" are two of the most popular jumpbreak texts.

All you have to do is to include <!-- more --> anywhere in your post and the text following this can be seen only on the 'item' page.

You can even change the jumpbreak text — just edit the "Blog Posts" widget. This feature is not for classic template users. A help article is available on the blogger support page for template tags.

This feature brings an end to numerous template hacks. This blog, for example, uses a JavaScript snippet to create jumpbreak texts. In case you are a classic template user, you can find the snippet and instructions at Quite Random.

[Via Blogger Buzz]

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