Facebook is a great place to share stuff — from links and videos to photos and status updates. The Facebook 'Pages' are useful if you are a blogger and want to share your posts in Facebook through a completely personalized page. You can also import your blog to your profile through the 'Notes' application but a separate page for your blog is better since it makes your blog separate identity from yourself which has a brand value. Besides, a Facebook page offers widgets and more.

To add a page in Facebook, visit this page and fill the fields given their. Here are the settings for AbhiTech page on Facebook .
Once the page is created visit this page. Among the applications listed there, choose the 'Notes' application and click 'Edit'.
On the settings page, click on 'Import Blog' at the right side. Here you have to enter the feed-URL of your blog.
Now, you can enter the feed URL of your blog for full content of the posts. But this will significantly decrease the page-views of your blog since most Facebook users will read your posts right from Facebook. How about showing only part of your posts?
Blogger offers a summary feed containing only a part of your posts. Just use this URL for importing feeds:

(Change YOURBLOG with the name of your blog.)
That's it!

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