Google has acquired reCaptcha, an open-source application developed by the computer science department of Carnegie Mellon University, to protect pages from spams. The details of the deal are not available although some people are irked about the fact that the project was originally funded by government and the founders are making money out of this.

The official announcement says,
(...) we're excited to welcome the reCAPTCHA team to Google, and we're committed to delivering the same high level of performance that websites using reCAPTCHA have come to expect. Improving the availability and accessibility of all the information on the Internet is really important to us, so we're looking forward to advancing this technology with the reCAPTCHA team.
The acquisition move will certainly improve the way reCaptcha works as we have seen in past that services (like Feedburner, Blogger) got better once they were acquired by Google. It's just a matter of days (or weeks) before reCaptcha gets integrated with Google's platforms.

[Via Official Google blog]

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