Seven Remix XP is a transformation pack for Windows XP which turns the default XP interface into one that resembles Windows 7. It changes almost all visual styles in XP — from icons to wallpapers to login screen. The core remains the same but just a visual makeover, in case you are tired of looking at the same old Windows XP interface.

The package contains an executable file which changes the core visual styles of XP. All you have to do is to install it and reboot. In case, you mess it up, the installer automatically creates a system restore point. This way you can easily go back to your previous XP interface.

The installer is developed by NirwadSoft while the visual styles it offers are designed by Vishal Gupta. The biggest problem with this Windows7 transformation pack is that it doesn't support 64bit versions of WindowsXP.

You can download it from DeviantArt page.

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