USB drives are cool — they are small in size, can contain lots of stuff, and they are not costly at all. But in case you are using USB drives to only transfer files from your home to office, you are not tapping all its potentiality. USB drives can be used to carry your entire office (ok, only the softwares I am talking about.) And instead of downloading hundreds of portable applications you can just use some of the available portable application suites that has it all. Here are 8 popular application bundles.

Tiny USB Office

Tiny USB Office is an application bundle which is only 2.5 MiB in size. The applications it contains are mostly productivity applications. The applications include:
  • Database Creation - with CSVed
  • Data Encryption - with DScrypt
  • Email Client Software - with NPopUK
  • File Compression - with 100 Zipper
  • File Sharing - with HFS
  • File Transfer - with FTP Wanderer
  • Flowchart Creation - with EVE Vector Editor
  • MSN Messenger Client - with PixaMSN
  • Tree-Style Outliner Software - with Mempad
  • PDF Creation - with PDF Producer
  • Password Recovery - with XPass
  • Secure Deletion - with DSdel
  • Spreadsheet Creation - with Spread32
  • Text Editing - with TedNotepad
  • Word Processing - with Kpad
  • Program Launching - with Qsel
It also includes text encryption program, a secure file shredder, a password revealer, and a tiny vector editor. This is a good choice if you have very little space to allocate.

SSuite Office

SSuite Office bundle contains basic office editing applications including a word-pad, a spreadsheet editor, a basic photo editing application, an application launcher among other applications. All this in 14MiB. This is a good choice if you want to play safe with office suite, just in case you need them.

Portable Apps Suite

This is probably Internet's most popular portable app suite. Portable Apps Suite comes in three variants — platform only, light suite and standard suite. The lightest version starts at only 1mb download size and the standard suite is 355MiB in size, when installed. For average users, the light suite is recommended. The light suite offers a bunch of useful applications including Firefox, Thunderbird (email client), Sunbird, ClamWin Portable (anti-virus), Pidgin (IM Client), Keepass Portable (password manager). The standard suite has OpenOffice included. All these versions come with a sleek Windows-XP style menu that gives access to all the portable applications available. After you install it on your USB thumb-drive, it creates folders like "Documents", "Pictures", "My Music", "Videos". This is pretty neat and lets you organize your files easily.

Lupo Pen Suite

Lupo Pen Suite is another application bundle which has a lot of things in common with Portable Apps — it has menu which resembles that of Portable Apps; it creates folders like Portable Apps and so on. The applications included are, however, different from those included in Portable Apps. The email client in Lupo Pen Suite is POP Peeper, the IM client is Miranda IM. It comes with VLC Player, FastStone Image Capture, System explorer among many other useful softwares. If you are looking for a full-featured application suite, Lupo Pen Suite is just for you. Way better than Portable Apps suite.


Liberkey is probably the most under-rated yet the best of all portable application bundles. It comes in 3 flavours — basic, standard and ultimate. It packs a huge number of applications. The interface is pretty intuitive. Since it offers so many applications. it comes with a search utility which searches the 'installed' applications.


MojoPac is a sophisticated application suite that turns any removable drive into a PC (kind of). You can install various applications on MojoPac, including Midrosoft Office. If you are a gamer, MojoPac can carry your game with it. This application suite is different in one perspective too — it is password protected. That means you don't have to worry about the security of your data in case your drive is lost (or stolen). [Related Password Protect Your Files with TrueCrypt]

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