Ever wanted to send a satellite of your own? Well, you are in luck. Interorbital Systems (IOS), a rocket and spacecraft manufacturing company, has introduced TubeSat Personal Satellite Kit which can be sent to orbit for only $8000. The satellite will be in the orbit for several weeks before it reaches earth's atmosphere and burns up.

The satellites will be launched from Tonga. Each satellite weighs only 0.75kg and "offers plenty of room for most experiments or functions". You can also opt for add-on experiments offered by IOS. These include:
  • Private e-mail
  • On-orbit advertising
  • Tracking migratory animals from orbit
  • Earth magnetic field measurement
  • Earth-from-space video imaging among other add-ons
The programme will start from fourth quarter of 2010. In case, you are interested in it, here is the link to the site. You can book your mini-satellite by paying via PayPal.


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