It is raining URL shorteners these days. Tweetmeme has come up with a new URL shortener —, including an API. It shortens URLs — like any other URL shortener — but the advantage is its integration with Tweetmeme.

Unlike most URL shorteners, doesn't create yet another short code for any URL that has already been shortened. (See our tutorial on creating your own url shortener from scratch.) This significantly decreases pressure from database.

Taking a dig at which recently said they would close down, Nick Halstead, Tweetmeme founder said, "we pride ourselves at TweetMeme for the continued up-time and scalability of the service." This sums up why they are here in the URL shortening business. offers almost all the features currently offers. is probably the better choice between these two since has two more letters in it. Given the growth of micro-blogging experience, two letters will eventually make a lot of difference.

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