Mozilla Labs has released Test Pilot, a new program "aimed at collecting structured user feedback from Firefox and other Mozilla Labs experiments". This new platform lets you test features which are planned or will be available in the next release. They are offering a Firefox add-on which checks for features which are meant to be tested through this program and shows a ticker when a new feature is available.

Team Mozilla claimed that they made this new platform to reach more people. In a blog post, they said,
Mozilla takes user privacy very seriously. Being a test pilot means that you will be the one to test the product, and it is not you that will be tested. We are only interested in your feedback on the product features, not information about you. Depending on the particular test, the Test Pilot extension may automatically collect some data about the product being tested, but you have control of deciding whether to submit this data.
Currently, there's no feature to test-pilot. But a survey is going on.

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