Mozilla Firefox team has released version 3.6 alpha 1 of the browser. It has a new javascript engine (called TraceMonkey), along with two new CSS features. The Firefox team claims the alpha is 15% faster than the earlier release of Firefox 3.5.

Firefox 3.6a1 introduces CSS linear- and radial-gradient property. This new feature helps you create gradient only with CSS. But the syntax looks awfully horrible. Also new in Firefox 3.6a1 is the CSS background-size property, which allows developers to specify the size of the background images.

This release is a big improvement of the JavaScript engine. But it is still far from Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Chrome has recently come up with a new beta which is even faster. Firefox 3.6, codenamed "Namoroka", will be released in 2010. So, we can always expect more improvements.

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