Disqus, the popular comment engine that can be integrated to almost every web-page, has got a makeover. Disqus now offers two services — one for webmasters who own and maintain websites or blogs (called Comments), and one for those who post comments on blogs (called Profile). But the comment engine remains the same which means you don't have to reinstall JavaScript snippets.

The profile page is more organised now — it gives easy access to the replies to your comments, along with "Subscriptions".
The Comments (previously the Admin page) is more sane now. You can easily mark multiple comments as Approved or Spam. Also you can search comments.

It reminds me of almost-forgotten coComment, which was once very popular. coComment tracks your comments across the web, even in forums. Since more and more bloggers are switching to Disqus, it won't be too much to say that Disqus will track comments across the web.

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