Hid.im is a web-application that lets you create images from .torrent files. It is an open-source project and the source code can be found in GitHub.
You can create images from torrents by uploading .torrent files to hid.im site. Hid.im also offers a Firefox add-on that lets you create images from torrents on the fly. You can decode images with a simple bookmarklet.
Hid.im is pretty useful. There are hundreds of sites that offer image hosting but fewer sites offer torrent hosting. With Hid.im you can easily share your torrent files through photo-hosting sites.

How to Create Images from Torrents In Windows

You can create images from torrent files in Windows without hid.im. Just put any image (in JPG format) and the torrent file in a folder, open command prompt, cd to that folder and enter the following:
copy /b image.jpg + torrent_file.torrent new_image.jpg
Now, just rename new_image.jpg to new_image.torrent and you have got it!

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