Google has released a new beta version of its browser, Google Chrome, with significant improvement in JavaScript performance, theming and some interface changes. The new version is available for download at the beta download center.

The new features include:
  • Chrome now allows you to hide items from the New Tab Page. It also offers drag and drop support. You can even pin a thumbnail to a particular spot.

  • The address-bar (called the Omnibox) got a new feature that allows you to quickly scan the results shown based on the icon.

  • Chrome now supports theming. This is a long-awaited feature. Although earlier theming was possible, it was not officially supported. Google has released a gallery of 29 themes. None of the themes, however, looks as good as the default one.

  • The already-blazing-fast Google chrome has got even more speed. The native V8 JavScript engine has been given a boost. It's now 30% faster.
  • Google chrome now supports HTML5 <video> tag support.

This release is a significant improvement. Recently Firefox reached billionth download. If Google Chrome team continues adding such new features, it won't be long before Chrome becomes an essential replacement of Firefox.

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