Canonical, the official sponsor of Ubuntu has released a new web-application called Ubuntu One. It is similar to Dropbox and offers a online storage of 2GiB for basic users. If you want to go pro, pay $10 monthly.

Ubuntu One offers to sync files between any two machines with Ubuntu installed in it. But there's a catch — you need Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) to use Ubuntu One. Also the application doesn't provide a web-interface unlike Dropbox.

Ubuntu One is currently in beta. But you can sign up without any invitation. Once you sign up, you can install the desktop client. Installation instructions are given on this page. In case you are having troubles with installation, you can install via terminal:
sudo apt-get install ubuntuone-client-gnome

Ever since Google unveiled its plans of a new OS, there have been lots of talk about cloud computing. It is not surprising to see Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distro coming with a cloud solution. But it is indeed surprising to see that Canonical has released it for only Ubuntu 9.04 whereas Ubuntu 8.04 LTS still surfaces. A proper web-interface would have made it much better as you can access your files from any computer. It looks like Canonical is simply forcing Ubuntu 9.04 on the users. What an irony that Ubuntu has a tag-line "Linux for human beings"!

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