In a bizarre incident, a hacker spied into email accounts of several twitter employees (including that of Twitter-founder Evan Williams), sneaked into confidential documents and then, may be to prove his worth, sent all those confidential documents to Techcrunch. And now, Techcrunch is showing the whole world what Twitter's financial projections are, how they plan to have a reality show, and so on.

Micheal Arrington, Techcrunch co-founder, was very clear about his intentions.
But we are going to release some of the documents showing financial projections, product plans and notes from executive strategy meetings. We’re also going to post the original pitch document for the Twitter TV show that hit the news in May, mostly because it’s awesome.

It is utterly surprising to see a $55-million start-up setting their server password to 'password', the second most common passwords people use (around 3.78% people use it). It's high time they should pay some heed to their own security rather than that of the users.

What's more interesting is that Twitter was expecting an astronomical one-billion users by the end of 2013 from a projected 25 million by the end of 2009. This is something even Facebook, which has a user-base of 250 million, has not been able to achieve.

Twitter, on the other hand, tried to make a confession that the employees needed to be reminded "of the importance of personal security guidelines." In a blog post, they wrote,
It's important to note that the stolen documents which were downloaded and offered to various blogs and publications are not Twitter user accounts nor were any user accounts compromised (except for a screenshot of one person's account and we contacted that person and recommended changing their password). This was not a hack on the Twitter service, it was a personal attack followed by the theft of private company documents.
They even made it clear that legal actions can be taken against the hacker and everyone "who accepts and subsequently shares or publishes these stolen documents."

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