Tweetmeme is a popular Twitter-based service which tracks most discussed and retweeted stories on Twitter. Tweetmeme has recently announced that they are going to release new API and chicklets showing weekly retweets of a specific domain, something Feedburner has with feed-readers and Feedblitz with email subscribers. These chicklet-api is now available and they have come up with more features.

Now, you can choose your preferred URL shortener when someone retweets your posts through Tweetmeme. The shorteners include TinyURL,, among others. A Wordpress plugin has also been released which shows recent Twitter activity of your Wordpress posts.

The homepage has undergone a sea-change recently making it look more like Digg homepage. Tweetmeme also introduced various categories similar to Digg. As twitter becomes more and more popular, Tweetmeme could become a Digg killer. These new features will certainly give Tweetmeme the upper hand.

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