Drop.io is an online file-sharing service that makes file-sharing a snap with shortened urls and easy to use administrative panel. Drop.io enables you to create simple 'drops' which is an online space of 100MiB to share your files privately or go public. You can choose how the URL of your drop would look. A Drop.io 'drop' URL looks like "http://drop.io/wktjs5" where wktjs5 are random characters generated by Drop.io. If you find it hard to remember, Drop.io lets you enter those random characters, i.e. you can actually have a web-space of 100MiB accessed via "http://drop.io/yourname

Once you create a drop, share the link with your friends. To protect your drops from being viewed by unwanted people, you can even password-protect your drops. This way, you have to share the password along with the link.

Drop.io's administrative panel has a very sleek interface. It offers 8 ways to view your uploaded files and easy to access Add, View and Share tabs, and a Facebook-like chat panel.

If you have uploaded any document (.txt, .pdf, .doc and many other file-types), you can preview the file directly inside Drop.io with iPaper.

Drop.io offers a FireFox add-on that makes uploading to drop.io even easier.


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