As long as downloaded files are not used for profit, piracy is legal in Spain. A recent judgment seems to have made it clear. TorrentFreak wrote that a man accused of downloading 3322 movies online during the year 2003-04 has been let off by a judge.

The judge observed that the files downloaded were for personal use and for sharing with other internet users. Thus, it should not be considered crime.

Spain is always considered to be a hotbed of illegal file-sharing., arguably the biggest music-sharing P2P site, is based in Spain.

The judgment is probably the first of its kind. Recently, The Pirate Bay was found guilty of copyright infringement in a lawsuit held in Sweden. The Spanish verdict may give PirateBay a reason to move to Spain. However, it is not clear what would be the fate of TPB after it has been bought by Global Gaming Factory X for $7.8m.

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Blogger Steve Patterson said...
That is awesome. In America you get fined heavily if you are caught.
Blogger Abhisek said...
And that doesn't seem to change in near future as Obama seems to be up in arms against piracy.