After this week's public launch of, URL shortener has been launched and guess what — this is probably the shortest URL shortener. is the short form of LinksPreadeR (i.e. Link Spreader). Unlike most URL shorteners, offers a unique feature — you can add comments to your shortened URLs. That is, your shortened URL may look like also offers a bookmarklet clicking which you can create shortened URLs — something most URL shorteners offer (See also: bookmarklet).

How To Add comments To ANY shortened URL

Although's feature is quite unique, you can add comments to any shortened URLs. For instance, if takes you to this blog, so will And this works with all the URL shorteners. All you have to do is to append ?your_comment to any shortened URL.

Create Your Own URL Shortener

Don't forget to check out our tutorial on building your own URL shortener.

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Blogger william said...
i believe does the same thing... i have a premium membership there and you can do so much with it's api and extensions that it's insane... the ?visit_abhitech thingy is just one way you coudl do it with as well. everything after the ? woudl be superfluous... in fact, modifying it a little more and you'd be able to add keywords, etc.. for tracking... anyways, thought you woudl want to know... luv your blog btw, AT.
Blogger Abhisek said...
William, glad you like the blog. We are not sure whether you can add keywords to track visits since almost all shorteners just redirect to the URL, and just that. It doesn't allow you to pass arguments to the URL. If you take a look at our tutorial, you'd see that URL shortener just fetches the url from the database and redirect to it. And that's all.
Blogger william said...
right, and what I was saying is that i modified that base redirect script and amp'd it up about a factor of 10 (no kidding') and i made :)