Die Fail Whale is a new flash game on Twitter which is pretty impressive and a real time-waster. Every twitter user knows the big whale that is shown when Twitter is offline. And it certainly makes a lot of Twitter users unhappy.
The objective of Die Fail Whale is to kill as many whales as possible within a short span of 25 seconds. You will be given 5 tweets (or bullets, if you call them) in one go. After you shoot 5 times, you have to click on the reload button to get 5 more tweets. Once the game is finished, you can post the result to your Twitter life-stream by entering your Twitter username and password.
You can also view the scores by fellow Twitter users at the rankings page.

The game has received praises from biggies like Biz Stone (Twitter founder), New York Times. Biz Stone went on to say,
If I could go back in time, I would start this instead of Twitter. It's that goooood - seriously!
Twitter earlier had a game called Spymaster, which has failed to live up to the hype. This time lots more action at Die Fail Whale!

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