Hazzard.in is a new Twitter-based application that is aimed at taking citizen-journalism in Twitter to the next level. It's a very useful application for letting others know whether to travel a place or not. Hazzard.in is created by Harshad Sharma, a young Python enthusiast. He made the application "in a matter of hours to help coordination of information in the event of flooding in Mumbai."
The application searches Twitter for tweets which contain #hazzard anywhere in it. Then it parses the tweet to find locations. If location is found, it shows the tweet on the location using Google Maps API. The locations are shown on the homepage, Hazzard.in. The hazardous locations go off every two hours.

Currently the application is in alpha stage and is "of very limited use at the moment, will expand." You can send your suggestions, feature requests, etc. from the feedback page.

Tags: Twitter, Google Maps

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