Millenniata, a Springville, Utah based hardware company, is going to release a new tech DVD that can protect data for a 1000 years — around 85 times a normal DVD which can protect your valuable data for a maximum of 12 years. The DVD will be released on September 1, 2009 and will cost around $25 to $30 initially.

The new DVD, called Millenia, would enable governments, libraries, newspapers and other institutions (and of course, the common-man) to archive data without the fear of losing their data overnight for data corruption. Currently, most institutions take periodic back-ups of their data.

Data in DVDs or CDs get corrupted because of several reasons. Interestingly, these reasons include non-usage of DVDs or CDs. It is always better to check your DVDs regularly. Also, bad hardware can damage your DVDs and CDs. If DVDs or CDs (or even flash drives) are taken out when the ROM (or USB port) is not ready for it, data corruption occurs. Ancient floppy disks were victims to this phenomenon. Read more on data corruption:

These new DVDs may cost you a lot compared to less than $1 for a regular DVD but in the long term, it pays.

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