Sending auto-replies to the emails is a good way to ensure the senders that their emails are received. A lot of people across the spectrum uses this feature and it adds a professional look to their profile. Here are three different ways to send auto-generated emails. Here we assume that you are using Gmail as the email platform.

How to Send Auto-replies from GMail

GMail offers a Vacation Responder service which can be used as auto-reply. Open Gmail, go to Settings (link on top-right), under the General tab, turn vacation responder on. You can specify the subject and content of the reply.
[Via Gmail Help]

How to Send Auto-reply from Thunderbird

Thunderbird is an open-source email client. You can set up Gmail following these instructions.
1. Create a new mail by clicking on the write button from the toolbar. Write the subject and content of the auto-reply. Do not write anything in the "To:" field.
2. Now, go to File » Save As.. » Template, and save it as a template.
3. Go to Tools » Message Filters, and create a new filter. Set the fields as seen below.
That's it!

How to Send Auto-reply from The Bat!

The Bat! is a professional email client that comes with a price tag. You can set up Gmail for The Bat! following these instructions.
Once you have set up Gmail in The Bat! go to Accounts » Sorting Office/Filters, from the menubar. Under the "Incoming Mail" folder create a new filter by clicking on icon from the toolbar. Set the parameters as shown below.
Make sure the filter is active.
The Bat! lets you do more with the reply — you can quote original message, among other options.

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