Often while writing blog posts, we find it hard to search for relevant images. And after storming into many a photo-sharing site, we get the ones we are looking for. Then comes the boring part of uploading. Since our blog is hosted with Blogger, we prefer to upload the images to Blogger.com. We always have the option to hotlink the image and put a link to the original photographer (or designer). But sites like Pixel2Life asks to use images from the same domain your blog is hosted in. Again, hotlinking to someone else's images is not a good practice since your page-views will eat their valuable bandwidth.

But a simple tweak in the search terms can find you images which are uploaded to Blogger.com by fellow bloggers.

If you look closely at the image URL provided by Blogger.com, you'd see that the URLs have a fixed pattern — they look like http://www.1.bp.blogspot.com/... Their are other patterns too: instead of 1.bp.blogspot.com, you may have 2.bp.blogspot.com or 3.bp.blogspot.com. But the domain field is the same — blogspot.com.

First, go to Google Image Search. Enter your search term. Now, append "site:blogspot.com" (without quotes) to your search term and hit enter.

For example, suppose you are looking for a Windows 7 logo, enter "windows 7 logo site:blogspot.com" and hit enter. Since logos are generally considered to be clip-arts, just select "Clip Art" from the options.

One-click Blogger.com Image Search

Here is a bookmarklet that does the whole job with ease. Just drag the following bookmark to your bookmarks toolbar. If you want to search for an image uploaded to Blogger.com, click on the bookmark, enter the search term and hit enter.
Blogger.com Image Search

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