Hootsuite, the popular web-based Twitter client has got all new look and features. If you are already a Hootsuite user, you can upgrade to new version just by sending a tweet.
The new version got a bunch of new features that include:
  • Auto-refresh: Twitter updates are automatically refreshed after a certain period of time. It also plays an optional sound every new tweet.
  • Multi-column View: Hootsuite now offers a multi-column view which is heavily customizable. Click on the "Add column" link and there you go. Every column can contain a number of items — from keyword tracking to search to tweets of a certain group of people you follow.
  • Tabbed layout: You can add tabs to organize tweets.
  • Quick Search: The search-box got a total makeover. Get the cursor to the search-box and you'll see the current trending topics. Type a keyword and hit enter to get an AJAXy search result.
  • Create groups of tweeters.
  • Embed Search results: You can embed search results to your site with nifty HTML snippets. Here's a video on how to do it:
  • Hootlet: A bookmarklet to tweet the current page you are viewing.
Altough desktop clients took a toll on web-based twitter clients, Hootsuite still is a good choice. In case you are not happy with the new Hootsuite, you can stick to the older version.

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