Gmail's already too-ajaxy desktop-like interface got more features. Gmail has introduced some interface changes which let you do more in less time. This new feature enables you to drag and drop specific emails to easily accessible labels.

If you log in to Gmail now, a new promo greets you. And it says all.
If you want to drag any email, just click and hold at the left end of the email, where you see dots, and drag and drop that email to any of the labels.
In case you want to drag and drop more than one email, just select those emails, drag-and-drop.
In the previous interface, the labels sat inside a box. To make it more accessible, labels are now just below the folders (i.e. Inbox, Starred, Trash, etc. These are called system labels). It has a 'More' link, which contains all those hidden labels. You can even drag those hidden labels to the standard label area to un-hide them. The 'Labels' tab under Settings gives you greater control over the labels.

Although it's a badly needed feature, it should have been a little bit better. If you have more than 50 mails in your inbox (Most of us do have), as scroll down the page, the labels are not accessible anymore. Instead of putting the labels at a static position, it would have been better to have this section fixed to your browser's screen. Something like Facebook's chat panel or Orkut's.

[Via Official Gmail Blog]


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