Just after releasing Firefox 3.5 and an important security patch in Firefox 3.5.1, the ever-busy Mozilla team has come up with the probable new look of Firefox 3.7. The theme is not final but gives us significant details as to which way the development is directed.
The interface has introduced a page button which is available at the left-corner of the tabbed area. Although no mention about its function has been made, this button may give contextual menu for the current page.
It also boasts of raised 3D look which is pretty expected for Windows7 interface. The Bookmarks Bar is hidden by default but can be toggled from the Tools button at the right-corner of the UI. The interface saves a space by eliminating the home button from the toolbar.

Mozilla team, it seems, to release different UI for various versions of Windows. They have come up with a number of UI for this purpose.
The new interface is only for Windows and the team has not made any announcement for the Mac and Linux versions.

The new theme has a lot of similarity with Google Chrome. Like Chrome, Firefox 3.7 mock-up has a quick-access to tools and has even same icons.
Also, the menubar is missing from Firefox 3.7, just like Chrome.

Give Firefox 3+ The Same Look

If you are excited about this new look but don't want to wait till Firefox 3.7 is available for download, you can install the following add-ons:
1. All Glass or Vista Aero theme to achieve nearly the same look.
2. To hide the menubar from Firefox, install Hide Menubar add-on. You can bring back the menubar by simply hitting ALT key.
3. For the Tools Menu on the right-corner, you can install Personal Menu add-on.

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