Wordle is a web-application that creates beautiful typography from a given source of words. The typography is based on how frequently words appear in the given bunch of text. Wordle uses Java as a back-end technology. All you need to create a Wordle typography are a browser and Java Runtime Environment.
You can specify the source words in three formats — manually input a bunch of text, fetch text from any given URL, and fetch del.icio.us tags of a certain user. Once you submit the source, Wordle opens a Java-applet and renders those texts as beautiful typography in form of tag-cloud.
Wordle also lets you customize the look and feel of the rendered text. It offers a number of fonts and alignment options. You can even customize the background color and the font-colors. Wordle offers a number of languages too.

Advanced use of Wordle gives you much more control over the rendered text. You can specify weights to certain words (the more the weight, the bigger will be the font-size), and specify the colors of the weighted words.
Wordle is created by Jonathan Feinberg, who works with IBM Research. He made the algorithm of Wordle as a part of the research.
Wordle is good for showing your users what your site is all about, or what you say mostly in Twitter. You can even create posters from the images. The FAQ page gives details about how to create bigger images from Wordle.

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