Google is experimenting with the idea of 3D videos on YouTube and some of the employees at Google are working on it — part-time. In the YouTube help forum, a Google employee said he is working on it "as a 20% project". It is in a very early stage and has enough bugs.
If you want your 3D video on YouTube, shoot a video using 3D cameras and upload it to YouTube. In the tag field, put yt3d:enabled=true. (You can find more tags on the support thread.)
Of course, you need 3D glasses to experience the effect. YouTube uses a stereoscopic player for the 3D feature. But this new feature has not been publicly announced by Google so there is almost no documentation about it except the replies on this thread.

Google previously toyed with 3D feature in Lively, a product of Google which never came out of beta and was discontinued from January 1, 2009. It remains to be seen when Google announces a bug-free release of this feature.

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