Open Atrium is an open source intranet software built on Drupal. It lets you create blogs, twitter-like micro-blogging system, manage your tasks using a calendar, manage and collaborate with groups, track your to-dos, write wikis and more — all under one banner.
Open Atrium has been developed by Development Seed and it is currently in beta. You can download it from the Open Atrium site. The application is in beta, so get prepared for bugs and issues.

Open Atrium has a beautiful and arty interface, easy to access admin panels. The interface is way better than what Drupal has to offer. The classy interface is certainly a sign that Open Atrium is made for corporate usage too.

If you are missing any feature, you can add it too. Open Atrium offers a very easy guide for developers to build additional features on top of Open Atrium.

While installing Atrium to our local server, we found that the tar-file available at the download page is broken but the zip file is intact. So, do download the zip file and install after extracting from there. Also, the scripts are too heavy to be executed.

The public release of Open Atrium will be mid-July. Keep your finger crossed for a better and improved Open Atrium.

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