Mozilla has launched Open Web Tools Directory (OWTD), a one-stop directory for almost all your needs of Web Developing tools. From iPhone Debug Console to ExtJS to CodeBurner, OWTD lists some of web's most favorite tools.
With a space-theme (which is designed to "emphasize the sheer size of the tool ecosystem"), OWTD is built to "help developers understand the broad universe of tools that already exist and expose some of the fantastic and amazing work that’s being done."

The tools are categorized siz different categories. Clicking on The bottom panel at the site sorts the tools.

In case your favorite tools are missing the list, fill up this form to submit them. After a review by the Mozilla Developers, your submitted tools would go live at OWTD.

OWTD requires a browser that supports <canvas> tag. In case you are not able to view it in your browser, head to the plain HTML Version of OWTD

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